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Studio Portrait in Kalispell, Montana For $250 With A CD

Karen Weyer Photography of Kalispell, Montana is running a $250 portrait special throughout 2016.

The $250 session is of the core group of people or the individual you are primarily interested in photographing.  If you wish to add individuals, create smaller sub-groupings, have a clothing change, add a pet or a prop you are able do so for $50 per variation.  A CD of images is included of everything we shoot.

The core group might be the three children.  Variations to this core group might include: the children in a another outfit, the children individually, the baby alone and baby in a second clothing (or lack of clothing) choice.  The core session is $250 and includes a CD of images.  Each variation requested is $50 and adds those images to the CD.

Portrait of three children including a baby in a Kalispell, Montana portrait studio.A portrait of a girl taken as part of a studio portrait session of the three children in her family.  The photographs were taken in the Kalispell, Montana portrait studio of Karen Weyer Photography.
The baby brother in a family of three children photographed individually and together in the portrait studio of Karen Weyer Photography in Kalispell, Montana.The fun loving middle child of a family of three children photographed together and individually during their photo session at a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.
Their little baby brother got cranky, so these two sweet older sisters took center stage during their family portrait of the family's three children.  The session was in the Kalisepll, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.The family's baby boy was quite curious about the other children and adults working hard to entertain him at this tail end of his first portrait session at a Kalispell, Montana studio.

This offer is for a studio session.  If you would prefer the session to be at your Kalispell, Whitefish, Bigfork or Columbia Falls home or outdoors at Kalispell's Conrad Mansion, Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake or anywhere in our beautiful northwest Montana backyard all of those options around the Flathead Valley are available for an additional charge.

Everything we shoot is included on the CD.  If you prefer to have me order prints for you I offer that service as well as retouching services.

The special is designed to give the residents of Kalispell, Montana and the surrounding northwest Montana towns of Bigfork, Whitefish and Columbia Falls an affordable portrait option for their families, childen and infants so that everyone in Montana's Flathead Valley can celebrate more of life's special moments with professional photos.  

You may keep the session simple or add numerous variations, the choice is entirely yours.  Karen Weyer Photography will create the memories and you’ll control the price.