Three Montana children pose in the studio. Cute kid smiling for portrait in the studio. A portrait of two preschool children and their infant baby brother.  This children's portrait was taken in the studio prior to the Christmas Holiday to share with family members and commemorate the changes in their family.. Studio portrait of twin brothers with their little sister. Picture of two kids who's family moved to Kalispell, Montana. Close up photograph of smiling child in the studio. Portrait of third generation Montana family children. A soft, gentle photograph of a preschool age girl sitting with her baby sister's head resting in her lap.  This studio children's photograph is presented in sepia toned black and white.. Two children photographed practicing their golf putting on a Kalispell, Montana golf course.  The younger boy is concentrating as his older sister grins for the camera as the picture is taken. Casual photograph of three children in the studio. Photograph of children outdoors in Kalispell, Montana. A grade school child, age eight, smiles at her mother during a photo shoot in a Kalispell, Montana portrait studio.  The sweet red headed child is wearing her favorite shirt for the photos. Black & White of teenager playing guitar in the studio. Black and white studio portrait of two smiling sisters taken in studio as part of the photo session of their family. An example of children's portrait photography taken in the portrait studio of Karen Weyer Photography, Kalispell, Montana.  The props and clothing in this child's portrait prompted the title "Little Saleman" for this photo. A child's portrait of a girl with her cheek resting on her arm as she leans on an antique school desk in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography. The infant children in this portrait are quadruplets born into a Montana family.  The caption of the photograph is a question asked by the infant child on the far right, "Is it something I said?" A young child giggles as she swings her legs from the chair while sitting for her portrait at a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  The pink and brown of the child's clothing blend pleasingly with the photos brown background. Young teenage girl poses for portrait in the studio. A Christmas picture of two children taken while their family was visiting their grandparents in Kalispell, Montana for the holidays.  The children are pictured sweetly snuggling. In this child's portrait the young boy looks solemnly into the camera while tightly grasping a soft stuffed bear.  The beige tones of the bear and the child's hair blend gently with the backround of the portrait, taken in Kalispell, Montana. A six month old baby Montana cowboy rancher poses in a red wagon for his picture.  The child's picture is bordered by the red wood tone of the wagon for more Montana flavor. A young child is posed in a laundry basket for her picture.  Stuffed bears surround the child.  The ivory and beige tones of the clothing and background add softness to this child's photograph. A girl concentrates on her writing as she sits at an antique desk in this children's studio photograph.  The child's photograph is presented in Sepia and was taken in Kalispell, Montana. Three beautiful Kalispell, Montana sibling, grinning and gleeful, are posed casually for their Christmas picture.  The picture illustrates the children's personalities and shows their comparitive sizes at these ages. A wistful, breezy, outdoor children's photograph of a little girl intensely studying something in her hands as she sits on the rocky shore of Flathead Lake outside of Kalispell, Montana. Twin girls, born in Kalispell, Montana, are posed for their portrait in Minnie Mouse attire.  The children are pictured sleeping with their heads together and their hands under their chins. Four children pictured outside on the grounds of the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell, Montana.  Sun coming through the trees in create the vibrant background of this children's photograph. A soft photograph of a young boy gazing out the window during a children's portrait session in Kalispell, Montana at the studio of Karen Weyer Photography.  The child looks wistfully outdoors, longing to be done with photography. A young Montana boy proudly walks on his new artifical leg in this children's portrait celebrating his triumphant strides and success. A child's portrait utilizing the soft window light of a Kalispell, Montana winter day.  The soft light combined with the round face, big eyes and gentle expression of the child make this photograph attractive and endearing. A happy child playing Montana cowboy as he rides the rocking horse during a photo session in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio. An adorable child's portrait.  The child is leaning forward, shoulders up, smiling with anticipation.  Taken in the studio of Karen Weyer Photography in Kalispell, Montana this sweet child awaits the next exciting trick from the photographer. Holiday photo of a child on a sled taken in the warmth of the photography studio rather than in the cold Kalispell, Montana weather, keeping the child cozy and smiling.. A portrait taken of a young child in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.  The child is pictured wtih a solemn look as he gazes past his extended arm into the camera while he sits in a wagon. A studio portrait of a child sitting on a black background and smiling.  This sweet child's portrait was taken by professional photographer Karen Weyer in Kalispell, Montana. A sweet photograph of a young child presented in sepia toned black and white.  This child's photograph was taken in a Kalispell, Montana studio during a family photography session. A preschool age child clutches a stuffed bear in this studio photograph taken in Kalispell, Montana.  The photograph is presented in sepia toned black and white and pictures the child full length sitting on a log. Five children preschool through high school are pictured with arms around and smiling in their studio photograph.  The children are dressed in blue, black and grey with a photography background that blends well with those colors. A care free child dances to her own tune in this picture taken in a Kalispell, Montana portrait studio. This child's portrait is of a little Montana cowgirl talking with her pony during her studio portrait session. Four children pose on a ladder for this picture taken in a Kalispell, Montana portait studio. Two children take an adventurous rocking horse ride during a portrait session at a Kalispell, Montana photography studio. The children are pictured laughing uproariously, obviously enjoying the photography shoot.