An Anniversary photo of a mature couple taken in the portrait studio. A tender moment of a couple captured in a black and white photograph. A portrait of a couple on Flathead Lake in Bigfork, Montana.  There is a gentle breeze and light waves on Flathead Lake on this sunny summer Montana day. A picture of a couple taken during the portrait of their family.  The photography session took place outdoors on the front porch of their Kalispell, Montana home. An Anniversary portrait taken in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  The Anniversary couple are dressed in subdued colors with red highlights for their portrait. A portrait of a happy expecting couple with their heads together and their hands resting on her pregnant belly in the photo.  The portrait is presented in color and was taken in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  A picture of a couple sitting outdoors in Montana's Flathead Valley between Kalispell and Whitefish, Montana.  In this casual picture warm evening sun highlights the tall grass behind the couple at the end of a beautiful Montana day. This young couple pose for their photograph with the rock wall of Kalispell Montana's Conrad Mansion in the background.  The photograph of the couple is presented in black and white, is casually posed and has soft even outdoor lighting. A portrait of a joyfully smiling couple taken in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  The warmth and affection of the couple are apparent in this simple yet elegant studio photograph. An outdoor portrait of a couple taken on Flathead Lake near Bigfork, Montana. A photograph of a young couple taken in the portrait studio and presented as a black and white picture. An anniversary photograph of a smiling couple taken in studio. A portrait of a young couple taken during a family photography session in Kalispell, Montana.  The picture is taken outdoors with green pines in both foreground and background of the photo of this smiling couple. A studio portrait of a mature couple.  The background of the portrait is grey, as is the clothing, drawing our attention to the faces of this Montana couple photographed in a Kalispell photography studio.