Family portrait on the shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Montana. This family has included their dog in their portrait session. An antique looking sepia toned black and white photograph of a vintage vehicle, a pair of horses and the family's daughter.  Taken near Bigfork, Montana, Flathead Lake and the mountains of the lake's west shore are the background of the picture. A spontaneous family photography moment of a mom interacting with her baby during an outdoor family photography session in Kalispell, Montana. A family photograph taken outdoors with a rustic wagon and mountains in the background in Kalispell, Montana.  The family is pictured wearing denim and white which ties in to the blue sky and light clouds in the photo's distant sky. A mother and her grown daughter taken as a part of their family photography session.  The portrait was outdoors in a location the family enjoys time together near Kalispell, Montana. A father and son photograph taken on the rocky shore of Flathead Lake near Lakeside, Montana.  The casual pose and warmth of their clothing set against the cool tones of the sky and rugged rocks in the photograph emphasize the bond and love of the family. A casual family photograph of four adult children leaning against a wall with their hands in their pockets at a location outside of Kalispell, Montana. A young family with two children photographed outdoors in Kalispell, Montana.  The casual pose of the family members and simple outdoor setting give a comfortable yet professional feel to this photograph. A photograph of a child snuggling with the family dog during a studio photography session of the entire family. A family photo of a mother with her four sons and husband sitting on rocks with the blue waves of Flathead Lake behind them.  This photo was taken near the family cabin outside of Kalispell, Montana. A family photograph including two children taken on the rocky shore of Flathead Lake, Lakeside, Montana.  The warm side light of the sun and cool tones of the water and distant sky create a striking contrast for the photography of this family. Beneath a giant Ponderosa pine tree a family is casually posed around the wood fence in this family picture taken near their home in Kalispell, Montana.  The family members are pictured in blue jeans and white shirts. A casual family picture of parents interacting and having fun with their children.  Taken outdoors in Kalispell, Montana this family picture is presented in black and white to keep the emphasis on the family members and their expressions. A newborn infant held by her father in a photography session of their family at a Kalispell, Montana hospital within hours of the baby's birth.  All family members were resting comfortably at the time of the photography session. A family picture taken outdoors in the winter beside an old barn near Kalispell, Montana.  The family members are pictured in winter coats and are gathered close with snow on the ground contrasting the family warmth and the cold setting in the picture. A picture of father and son enjoying family time while exploring the shore of Flathead Lake near Lakeside, Montana. An outdoor family portrait session that included this picture of the grown children and their significant others.  Taken at Ashley Lake, Kalispell, Montana in the evening light this portrait emphasizes the stunning scenery while highlighting the family. A family portrait of a proud Grandparent receiving a kiss from his baby granddaughter.  This portrait was part of a multiple generation family photography studio portrait. A casual yet warm family picture of a father with his wife and daughters in front of a rock fireplace.  In the picture the family members have their heads touching and all of the members of the family are pictured smiling. These parents gaze lovingly at their baby girl in their first family portrait.  Born in Kalispell, this Montana baby girl looks straight into the camera for a portrait that will always remind her of how important she is in the family. An outdoor family photograph taken on the grounds of the historical Conrad Mansion in Kalispell, Montana.  The family members are photographed standing amidst the flowers and landscaping of the grounds of this historical Kalispell landmark. A young woman and her horse pictured on the family ranch near Kalispell, Montana.  The picture is presented in black and white with the wood fence bordering the family property catching the sun light. A family photograph of a proud new father with his infant son looking attentively up at his dad.  This family memory was captured in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.. A family photograph of two young professionals and their two children.  The mountains outside of Kalispell, Montana create the background for their family photograph. A family picture of four children ages grade school through high school senior pictured outside their Kalispell, Montana home. The family's two black lab dogs are laying down in the foreground of the picture. A family photograph taken when all of the family members gathered at the home of their parents in Kalispell, Montana.  The photograph was taken in the photography studio with a brown background to compliment the ivory, beige and brown clothing.  A family portrait with two grown children taken outdoors near Kalispell, Montana.  The family members are standing in the Flathead River in the foreground with sky and mountains behind creating both a stunning family portrait and striking scenic photo. A father interacts with his sons during a family photography session.  The family photo was taken in Kalispell, Montana with fall leaves on the ground.  Sons and Dad are all smiling in the photo. Taken during the portrait session of their family on the grounds of the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell these four children gather together for a photo. A mother and son are pictured standing in a grassy field with the family's horses.  Taken outside of Bigfork, Montana the snow capped mountains and Flathead Valley sky form the backdrop for this stunning family photograph. A family portrait taken on the front porch of the family's Kalispell, Montana home.  The pinks and greens in the foreground and background of the portrait frame the family members for a satisfying picture of their life in Kalispell, Montana A light hearted picture of siblings taken during a family photography session.  With many beautiful outdoor locations for photography in and around Kalispell, Montana this family chose to have their pictures at one of Kalispell's local parks. A family portrait of father and daughter skiing in Whitefish, Montana with the Flathead Valley visible in the distance between the trees.  This family portrait is presented in black and white. A family portrait taken on Flathead Lake at Wayfarers State Park, Bigfork, Montana.  In the portrait the family members are standing together on a rock separated from land and completely surrounded by the water of Flathead Lake. This Kalispell, Montana couple is pictured with their newborn baby in their first family photograph.  The parents are captivated as they gaze at their baby during the photograph. A mother tenderly holds her young son while seated casually on the floor in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  This family photo depicts the loving relationship shared by mother and son and it appears they are unaware their photo is being taken. A photo of mother and daughter taken during their family photography session.  This black and white family photo is taken on the grounds of the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell, Montana. A family gathers around the youngest family member for this casual family portrait.  The portrait was taken at the family's home in Kalispell, Montana. The first photo of this family since the birth of their baby in Kalispell, Montana.  A mother and son feed their horses in this Montana family photo taken outside of Kalispell near Bigfork, Montana.  The background of the photo shows snow capped mountains of Montana's Flathead Valley and includes the two family dogs. A warm family photo of a child and grandfather walking hand in hand along a quiet Kalispell, Montana street. Family_Photo_Fun_168bw.jpg