A newborn infant pictured resting on his father's chest.  The infant son posed for the portrait by resting his fist under his chin.  The father's hand covers the infant's entire back emphasizing his tiny size in his first portrait. Photograph of five week old twin baby boys looking at and interacting with each other in their first portrait. An infant photographed in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.  The infant is pictured with a soft fabric drape in the background of the photograph and over the baby's midsection.  The image is a full length picture of the baby. A baby picture with the sharply focused foot of the baby resting in his mother's palm in the foreground.  The background of the picture is the slightly soft focused face and body of the baby.  The baby photography is done in black and white. Photo of Montana baby girl. The small size of this baby girl is emphasized by the size of her daddy's thumbs in this, her first photo session.  The photo session for the baby was done in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography. A black and white photo of a new mother and her one day old baby girl having a quiet bonding moment.  This spontaneous photo of mother and baby was taken while they were still in the hospital in Kalispell, Montana. Third generation infant studio portrait in Kalispell, Montana. A photograph of a precious sleeping infant with his little fists tucked up under his chin.  The newborn infant's head rests on his mother's hand in this soft studio photograph. A family photo of a father and his baby daughter, photographed in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography. Baby picture in the studio with the baby asleep on the back of the family's german shephard dog. An infant photographed with his head resting in his father's hand.  In the photograph the infant has his arms extended upward with his hands held in loose fists. The photography was done in a Kalispell, Montana studio. Studio portrait of newborn infant. A four week old baby boy pictured in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.  In the picture the baby is asleep, with his head cradled in his father's hand. Studio portrait of Kalispell baby. This enthusiastic baby is pictured sitting in a flower pot in a Kalispell, Montana portrait studio.  The baby's portrait is presented in color.  The picture's muted background draws the attention to the color of the pot and the baby. A tiny newborn baby sleeps peacefully with his arm beside his cheek in his first portrait taken at the studio of Karen Weyer Photography in Kalispell, Montana. Baby portrait with hands and feet. Photograph of smiling Montana baby in the studio. A picture of twin baby girls.  The baby girls are pictured with packing crates and packing material spread around them as they snooze through their studio portrait session. Newborn infant looking wide eyed into the camera in his first portrait. A wide eyed, enthusiastic baby photographed in a Kalispell, Montana portrait studio.  The baby is pictured in black and white, has pudgy arms and a happy disposition. In this picture the baby girl gazes up at the camera from the comfort of her parent's loving arms.  The picture is of the baby, but the obvious presence of the parents makes it also a family photograph. Dimpled hand and perfect fingers are the subject matter of this simple and elegant baby picture.  The baby's photo session took place in a photography studio in Kalispell, Montana. A sleeping infant pictured with her feet tucked in and her hands framing her face in the photo.  One toe on each foot of the infant is flexed as she moves and react in her sleep to the flash of lights with each photo. A father cuddles his baby daughter as she sleeps in this studio photo. Ninety six minutes after delivery at a Kalispell, Montana hospital this infant sleeps through his first professioal photo shoot. This baby girl gazes into the camera while resting on her daddy's knees during her first photography session.