A studio picture of a family's cute pet puppy rolling and playing with a toy.  The pet dog picture was taken with a brown background in a photography studio located in Kalispell, Montana. A beloved white pet dog pictured against a white background in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio. A photo of a bulldog puppy stitting in a child's toy wagon.  This photo of the family pet was taken in the studio and is displayed in black and white with muted color tones on the dog, but not the wagon or the background of the photo. The family pet is pictured looking out through window blinds onto a sunny Kalispell, Montana afternoon while sun creates a pattern of shadows behind this dark cat pictured in a near silhouette. A studio pet portrait of the family's german shephard dog.  In the photo the dog is laying with his head resting on his leg and the family's infant daughter is safely asleep on his back. A pair of enthusiastic chocolate lab dogs pose for their pet portrait in the Kalispell, Montana studio of Karen Weyer Photography.  Two poodle dogs posed for a studio pet picture session with bandanas around their necks, their tongues out and their ears alert as the picture is snapped. Two pet staffordshire terrier dogs pictured together in a Kalispell, Montana studio portrait. A studio pet photo of a Saint Bernard dog pictured with the traditional brandy keg under his chin and his eyes looking up as the photo was taken. The light background and strong side lighting highligt the dogs profile and markings in the photo. A pet dog pictured on a rich brown background in a Kalispell, Montana photography studio.  This well behaved pet patiently poses for his photo with eyes glued to his beloved human companion.