A Flathead High School senior girl pictured in the flowers at her home in Kalispell, Montana. A natural looking sepia toned black and white portrait taken outdoors of a high school senior girl with a gentle breeze softly blowing her long blonde hair. Taken outdoors on the grounds of the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell, Montana this Glacier High senior boy is photographed leaning on an ivy covered wall. Sitting at the water's edge in a Kalispell, Montana park this Glacier High School senior is beautifully lit for her senior portrait.  Striking Montana scenery makes outdoor location portraits popular with Flathead Valley graduating seniors. A Montana high school senior girl pictured in Glacier National Park, Montana. A senior graduation picture taken outdoors at the Conrad Mansion Museum in Kalispell, Montana of a young man wearing his Glacier High School letter jacket. A Flathead Valley, Montana senior pictured resting on against a tree for this serious, natural graduation photo. A high school senior girl sitting on the top of a rail fence.  She's pictured with her horse on their ranch south of Kalispell, Montana. A fun, casual senior graduation picture of a blue eyed, smiling senior girl sitting on beach sand. A high school senior boy pictured with his truck, Flathead Valley, Montana. In this graduation portrait the senior girl is pictured with vibrant green ivy behind and subdued green leave in front of her producing a portrait with depth despite being photographed in a tight space. A natural picture of a high school senior girl with soft lighting and vibrant colors taken on a cloudy day in Glacier National Park, Montana. The graduation portrait of a senior boy with the calm waters of Flathead Lake creating the background of this peaceful photograph taken at the family cabin south of Kalispell, Montana.  The senior picture of a somber young man looking off away from the camera.  The photo was taken outdoors at the Conrad Mansion, Kalispell, Montana. The senior photo of a Kalispell girl taken outdoors with a creek in the background in Glacier National Park, Montana. This Glacier High School senior girl chose to have a beautiful outdoor portrait session at Lawrence Park in Kalispell, Montana.  In the picture the senior is sitting with her jeans rolled up and her feet resting in the water. Portrait of a High School senor boy taken outdoors in a casual outdoor environment.  This High School student had his senior pictures taken the summer prior to his senior year. A black and white photo taken during a senior portrait session at the Conrad Mansion in Kalispell, Montana. The High School senior pictured is a resident of Montana's Flathead Valley. A Kalispell, Montana High School senior is pictured outdoors in this portrait.  His senior pictures were taken on the beautiful grounds of Kalispell, Montana's Conrad Mansion. A High School senior girl is pictured sitting outdoor.  The background of this senior picture shows leaves on the ground on a sunny fall day.